Red Fox EA Review

red fox ea review

To get a deeper understanding of the product, we’ll conduct a Red Fox EA Review today. Red Fox EA is a fresh Expert Advisor who plans to take on some of the industry’s most well-known brands. And even if a new EA shows promise, it still has a long way to go before reaching the pinnacle. In this Red Fox EA Review, you can read what experts had to say about the product.

Let’s dive into Review to see if Red Fox EA can be on Our Best Forex Robot page or not!

What is Red Fox EA?

The Red Fox EA is a recently released fully autonomous trading robot that uses a Smart News Filter to read both scientific and fundamental news. It automatically opens and closes trades without you having to do something.

The Red Fox Robot is designed for traders who want a low risk of losing money and a steady profit rise. A low drawdown or an aggressive environment is available to users. On Metatrader 4, the Red Fox EA operates for a variety of currency pairs. It has a unified internal ecosystem that monitors the economy and essential news, as well as collects all business data for trade positioning. The robot comes with all of the required default settings and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s quickly get into details of the Red Fox EA Review!

Red Fox EA Features

In this section of the Red Fox EA Review, we’ll go through the robot’s standout features. So there you have it:

  • With a low drawdown setting, each pair has a drawdown of less than 9%, and all pairs have a drawdown of less than 18%.
  • In hostile settings, drawdown should be less than 15% per pair, with a total drawdown of less than 38% for all pairs.
  • 17 percent to 48 percent monthly benefit on a low drawdown environment Benefit per month on an aggressive system
  • Smart News Filter
  • Auto lot maintenance based on account fund
  • 100 percent Non-Martingale Strategy
  • Spread power – to avoid selling in a tough environment
  • 1 demo 1 live license key per order
  • Setup Guide

Red FOX EA Video Review

Red Fox EA Trading Strategies 

We’ll look at the trading tactics that this robot uses in this part of the Red Fox EA Review. The Red Fox EA’s strategy is based on the market’s reverse price. It uses internal custom measurements to assess the market.

Since Red Fox is designed to transact with a very low drawdown and a low-risk atmosphere, we can confidently promise that no one will ever blow up an account using it.

It’s a fully hands-free robot that does everything on its own; no manual adjustments or checks are needed.

What are the requirements to use this EA?

Watch full the download video and install it in under a minute; the best settings are included as default preset files, so you won’t have to change them. It’s as easy as importing it into MT4 and running it.

  • Works for all MT4 account types
  • To get started, a minimum investment of 1000 USD is needed.
  • Give your 1 Demo or 1 Live mt4 account number to after you’ve fulfilled your order and request that they are allowed.
  •  EURCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPCAD, USDCAD are the low-drawdown pairs

Team, who work behind this robot

This segment of the Red Fox EA Review will focus on the individuals and teams responsible for bringing this robot to market. This fully autonomous robot was introduced by My Ea Academy of SINRY ADVICE WORLDWIDE. My Ea Academy is a well-known trading educational technology firm that aims to offer the most up-to-date trading experience to clients all over the world. Monday through Friday, customers can contact their customer service agents, who will make every attempt to respond within 24 hours.

After its inception in the year 2020, Sinry Advice has launched several forex units. They’ve been anonymous, as have the names of the corporation’s sponsors.

Prices/packages Available

The prices/packages available for the Red Fox EA robot will be revealed in this section of the Red Fox EA Review. Since this robot is currently on sale you can save 134 USD if you buy now.

  • A 14-day trial account with a low drawdown setup
  • After 14 days, it will show how well it does
  • If it does not, email us and request a full refund.
  • Works for every MT4 broker account
  • Regular Price: $400
  • Discounted Price: $266

Traders will make payments using Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, and e-wallets, among other options.

Customer Feedback

The client comments about the Red Fox EA robot will be covered in this segment of the Red Fox EA Review. Customer experience is an important consideration when determining whether or not a product is worthwhile. On the My ea Academy website, there are several testimonials. They’re all cheerful, as one would expect. Customers say the robot is helpful, and the services at My ea Academy are excellent.

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on such customer feedback. To market a good, a company will pay people to write favorable reviews. As a result, we can’t rely on such input from customers.

Pros and Cons

In this section of the Red Fox EA Review, we’ll go into the positive and negative aspects of this robot.


  • Money-back guarantee within 14 days
  • There is a demo account open
  • Default settings are available
  • Trading results from MyFXBook that have been reviewed in real-time


  • There are a lot of currency pairs to work with.
  • The vendor firm is young and has yet to establish itself
  • Customers owe them a lot of demand information
  • It may be expensive for some traders

Conclusion Red Fox EA Review

Finally, this Red Fox EA Review comes to a close. Following an examination of the robot’s settings and capacities, we can infer that it has some excellent features, such as quick setup, demo account, return policy, and verified trading outcomes, but it also has some disadvantages, such as a high cost for beginners and vendor openness, which are both undisclosed.

So, if you’re thinking about buying this robot, try it out first in a Demo Account and see how it does in your case!

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