Reaper Forex Robot Review

reaper forex robot review

This time our team at Best Forex Robot has a new article for you! And it´s a highly detailed Reaper Forex Robot review. We wanted to jump right in with this article because the Forex Robot Trader company has been getting a lot of popularity lately. And if you have seen this website before, then you know we always have new posts about them. So, if you are interested in purchasing more products from this company then make sure to stick out to the end of this Reaper Robot review!

Also, our team highlighted all the most important things and little details about this robot for you already. So after you finish reading this post you will have all the information you need before purchasing it. And if you are looking for a new EA to trade with, then this one might be your best choice! Make sure to check out our website just in case you want to find new more robots. We always post many articles weekly and we are confident you will be able to find an EA that adapts best for you.

So, let´s get started already with this Reaper Forex Robot review!

What´s the Reaper Robot?

The Reaper Robot is another one of the famous EAs developed by the company Forex Robot Trader. And, as always, we can expect a Top Tier performance by the robots from this company. At the moment this new software is claimed to change the way you trade after purchasing it. As usual, you get all the security for your account and profits, as this system protects you from invasive brokers as well.

The strategies and performance used for this software are very particular because the developers have implemented new features. So we will discuss them later on in the performance section. But from now on, we can say that this EA looks very promising already! So you have to get to the end of this Reaper Robot review to be able to find out all the amazing things it has to offer.

Reaper Robot main Features and Settings

  • Fully automated Forex trading software.
  • It works on the MT4 only.
  • It supports all the currency pairs.
  • Market adaptability.
  • It secures your profits as soon as you exit a trend.
  • Security for your account and investments.
  • It supports all account sizes. So you don´t need a certain amount of money upfront.
  • Most features, settings, and performance are customizable.
  • It uses stop-loss,trailing-stop, and take-profit.

People who work behind the Reaper Robot

The creators behind the Reaper Robot are the amazing developers at Forex Robot Trader. And we have mentioned many times before, they are a very popular team of highly skilled professionals. They have professional Forex traders, coders, developers, and such. So that´s how they manage to offer amazing services. And it has been this way since the company started back in time when Forex was very new.

The main creator behind this company is called Don Steinitz, and he was a very successful Forex trader. He got into this business just a few years after trading was a thing, and he managed to learn everything on his own. Then, with the help of a friend, he created his first robot using all the knowledge he had gained throughout the years. And after many people saw his success, they began purchasing his systems as well.

Even after Don Steinitz passed away, the website is still up and running as if nothing happened. The services got the same quality and customer support is available all the time for the traders. So, don´t think twice about purchasing this robot or not!

In the next section of the Reaper Robot review, we are talking about all the strategies this EA uses while trading, so keep reading!

Reaper Robot Trading Strategy and Performance

This is the most important section of the Reaper Forex Robot review because we are going through all the different secrets and strategies used for this EA. We already mentioned that this company always creates some of the best software in the market. And this one is not the exception! So, the Reaper Robot is friendly with all traders, no matter their level of experience. It supports all size accounts and allows you to choose how much money you want to invest.

The average trade length is can take up days, or even just minutes, it depends on your settings and the trade. Most of the settings and features can be customized to meet your desires as well. But, the only thing that can´t be changed is the number of trades per month. It usually does very few trades because it only enters the most profitable ones in the market. But you get big profits all the time anyway. And to secure both your account and profits it uses stop-loss, trailing-stop, and take profit. It also uses a complex algorithm to protect your account from invasive brokers. And don´t forget that you can check out the backtests and chart results on the official website of this EA!

Prices & Packages

If into this part of the Reaper Forex Robot review you are already wondering about the packages and prices, then we got you covered! On the official sales page of this EA, you can find all the information you need. And it is very detailed by the end of the site.

Right now there is a promotion with a huge discount on the Forex Robot Trader page. So, if you buy this robot, you get a free robot of your choice sold by this developer. How cool is that? you get two robots for the price of one pretty much.

With your purchase you get:

  • The full Reaper Robot software.
  • All the settings, features, and customization listed above.
  • Free robot of your choice.
  • Support for the MT4 platform and all the EAs available.
  • Normal Price: USD 199
  • Price: USD 99

And also there are many ways to purchase from the website. At the moment, the seller supports both PayPal or any international credit card of your choice. So, make sure you choose the one that is better for you. And don´t forget you also get a guarantee after your payment just in case anything wrong happens.

Pros & Cons


  • You get a free robot with your purchase.
  • All major settings and features can be customized.
  • It supports all the currency pairs from the MT4 platform.
  • The Reaper Robot offers security for your account and investments.

Summary Reaper Forex Robot Review

As we got to the end of the Reaper Robot review, we can only say that this robot won´t disappoint! Just like the rest of the products offered by the Forex Robot Trader company. So far, we already saw the performance on both the chart results and backtests, and it was outstanding. The best part is, as this robot supports all the currency pairs, you can easily choose your favorite ones and start trading right away. You get full security on your account at all times and the high profits are the best part of this software.

So make sure you don´t miss this opportunity and purchase this robot as soon as you can! And don´t forget to share this Reaper Forex Robot review with other traders as well.

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