Prop Firm EA Review

prop firm ea review

Greetings! Welcome you all to Our Best Forex Robot Website. Prop Firm EA Review is another intriguing item that we have for you today. The newly released EA has piqued the interest of traders who want to learn more about its features, functioning, and methods. So buckle up because we’re about to go over all you need to know about this EA.

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What is Prop Firm EA?

Prop Firm EA is a well-designed forex robot with a low drawdown of 4.20 percent and monthly profits ranging from 10% to 20%. Prop Firm EA is compatible with finance companies like FTMO, MY FOREX FUNDS, and others.

Companies establish financing company tests to check if you can trade with a constant profit margin while maintaining a certain percentage of drawdown. Following the completion of the challenge, you will generally be granted an account with a financing gap of $200,000, and your earnings will be split 50/50 between the firm and the individual.

Our Prop Firm EA was able to meet the funding businesses’ standards while clearing the challenge after a few months of testing, according to the company.

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Prop Firm EA Features

We learned about the fundamental features of this robot in this section of the Prop Firm EA Review. Below are some of the features:

  • Get a funded trading account up to $200,000 with a news filter to avoid trading on major market event days.
  • Smart internal indicators to assess the market before executing a trade
  • Fully automated – 5 minutes to set up and everything else is taken care of
  • Supports 25 trading pairs
  • Low drawdown of less than 5%
  • Use spread control to avoid trading in a volatile market.
  • Complete setup instructions are available in PDF format.

Prop Firm EA Trading Strategies

This section of the Prop Firm EA Review will undoubtedly discuss this robot’s trading strategies. A top-bottom reverse trading strategy, as well as a grid, internal smart indicator signals, and a news filter, are all part of EA’s trading system.

This EA works with 25 pairings and comes with four preset files:

  • When faced with a challenge, move into aggressive mode.
  • Personal accounts have a low drawdown.
  • Personal accounts in aggressive mode have a low drawdown.

Traders can trade on 2k, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, USD accounts 

You must manually specify the lot size for your fund: The lot size for each 2000 USD fund is 0.01.

  1. 10k lot size: 0.05
  2. 50k lot size: 0.25
  3. 100K lot size: 0.5, etc.

The EA for financing business will halt deals on Friday to avoid open trading over the weekend. EA provides a step-by-step user guide and video to assist with installation.

Team Behind this Robot

Without a description of the individuals that labor behind this EA, the Prop Firm EA Review will be incomplete. My Ea Academy of SINRY ADVICE WORLDWIDE introduced this fully autonomous robot. My Ea Academy is a famous trading educational tech firm that tries to give the most up-to-date trading experience to clients all around the world. Monday through Friday, customers can contact their customer care representatives, who will try their best to answer within 24 hours.

Sinry Advice has produced numerous currency units since its foundation in the year 2020. Their true identities, as well as the names of the corporation’s investors, have remained hidden.

Prices/Packages Available

The costs and packages available for this EA will be discussed in this section of the Prop Firm EA Review. So far, two packages are offered, each with a distinct pricing range:

1-Year License Key

  • 14 days Money Back policy
  • Prize: 588 USD

6-Months License Key

  • 14 days’ money-back policy
  • Prize: 388 USD

Traders can use Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, and e-wallets to make payments.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on the Prop Firm EA will be the subject of this portion of the Prop Firm EA Review. When assessing whether or not a product is a value, the customer experience is critical. However, because this is a new EA, there are currently no reviews available. As a result, we must await user input on this EA.

Pros and Cons

This portion of the Prop Firm EA Review will summarize the positive and negative aspects of the EA.


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 25 currency pairs to trade
  • Fully automatic
  • Smart Young Filter and Indicators
  • Full setup Guide Pdf
  • Results confirmed by MyFXBook
  • Complete FTMO Challenge


  • Can be expensive for novices
  • The creator company is new and needs time to establish itself

Conclusion Prop Firm EA Review

So that brings us to the conclusion of our Prop Firm EA Review. After going over every element of this EA, we can state that it comes with a slew of fresh and creative features, like multiple currency trades, smart news filters, numerous strategies, verified outcomes, and a full FTMO challenge. However, the steep pricing for a beginning and the fact that it was introduced by a very new firm cast doubt on this EA.

As a result, be sure to test it out on a Demo Account to see how it works for you!

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