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odin forex robot

Welcome back to our blog! This time for our Best Robot Forex website, we got you an Odin Forex Robot review! We are sure you have heard about this robot already because it has become so popular. So we will let you know whether it is worth it to invest your money with this system or not. And we are going to guide you through all the different sections of this review to find out if this system matches your expectations.

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So, let´s get started with this Odin Robot forex review already!

What´s the Odin Robot?

The Odin Robot is the most advanced expert advisor developed by the company Forex Robot Trader. And it has been one of the most bought EAs of 2020 as well. That´s why in today´s review we are going to disclose what makes it stand out from the rest of the other famous robots. And also we are going to disclose the strategy used and such to achieve great results! Let´s not forget that since this quarantine started the Odin Robot has been one of the most used and most requested on the market. So clearly people have been seeing some amazing results while working with it.

The Odin Robot provides a compilation of amazing features, settings, and customizable options. And all of these combined create one of the smartest and most innovative algorithms in the market right now. This is how, even after a few years after release, the Odin Robot keeps being so reliable and popular.

So, let´s get started with this Odin Robot review to see what it has to offer!

Odin Robot main Features and Settings

  • It uses a grid strategy as the main feature.
  • This software uses a broker shield to secure your account from invasive brokers.
  • Price entry and exit points on all trades.
  • It uses many features to secure your payments and your account.
  • This system works with any size account. So it´s up to you to choose how much you want to invest.
  • It operates on the MT4 only.
  • The timeframe can be customized, but it usually takes a few hours per trade.
  • All settings are fully optimized to perform the best way possible under all market conditions.

People who work behind the Odin Robot

For this part of the Odin Robot forex review, we have all the information you need about the team behind this robot. The first thing to say is this company is called Forex Robot Trader, and they are very popular. This company was created many years ago by Don Steinitz, a self-taught Forex trader who started in this business almost since trading was created. Since the Forex Robot Trader business started, they have had many successful robots that got very popular in the market. So, even some of the most experienced traders still purchase them as a tool to improve their performances and profits.

A few years ago, the main creator Don Steinitz passed away, but the company is still going strong. So, if you are interested in purchasing robots from a trustworthy company that also create amazing software, this is the one for you! Without a doubt, this company is very transparent in all aspects, so don´t think twice before working alongside them.

Odin Robot Trading Strategy and Performance

Into this part of the Odin forex Robot review, we are disclosing all the details about its trading strategy. So far, the main strategy it uses to operate is a grid one. But, this time it´s a safe algorithm that won´t do any harm to your account. So you don´t have to worry about it blowing up your account or anything. It is fully automated software, so it doesn´t need any effort from you besides setting it up the first time. Also, most of the settings and features are fully customizable as well, so you can change this software as much as you need.

This robot uses a highly profitable and secure algorithm that comes with a broker shield. And this technology secures not only your account but your investments as well. This software also has an accurate entry and exit point, so you will only enter the right trades at the right time. Also, with the help of the stop-loss and take-profit, you will minimize the risk of losing money and drawdowns. Don´t forget you can choose the currency pairs you want to work with. As well as how big or small you want your account to be.

Prices & Packages

Right now into this Odin Robot review, you must be wondering already what packages and prices are available to get this software. So, at the moment on the official sales page, we can see that there´s only one offer up. But, this package comes with all the things we have mentioned above. So you get the full software, strategies, security, and more! And there´s even a discount that comes with a bonus robot for free! Make sure you don´t miss this amazing opportunity to get the Odin Robot.

The package comes with:

  • Demo accounts available.
  • The full Odin Robot software.
  • Lifetime license.
  • 1 real license for one account.
  • Free robot of your choice.
  • Normal Price: USD 199
  • Discount Price: USD 129

Pros & Cons


  • Demo accounts available. This way you can test the robot before trading with your money.
  • Positive feedback from customers.
  • This software supports all size accounts.
  • You can customize most of the features available.

Conclusions Odin Forex Robot Review

The Odin Robot remains to be one of the best choices for traders, even in 2020. After we have disclosed and gone through every single detail, we believe this system has all you need to succeed in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a new trader or an expert, you will benefit from this software. So, let us know whether or not you would consider this EA to be a good choice for you! And share this Odin Forex Robot review with other traders who might need it as well.

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