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Welcome to Our Best Forex Robot site Today we are doing Make Money EA Review. In this review, we will discuss what is it, basic features, trading strategies, people behind this, prices/packages, pros/cons, customer feedback, and lastly our final verdict on this robot.

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What´s the Make Money EA?

The Make Money EA is one of the most popular EAs from the Expert4x community. And it’s amazing to think that this robot was just launched in 2016 and it became extremely popular. The largest reason for that was the major increase of new traders in the Forex market. And the fact that this EA had some of the best-automated setups and functionality at the time. And if you haven’t been with this organization long enough, you don’t even know the story of how this robot was built. So, let’s make the case pretty fast and clear. It all began with a guy who was able to make over 80 percent of his account sales in just two months. And then, discovering that he could use the information with an integrated EA, the owner of the organization was so shocked. That is how, so far, this device has been developed.

Let’s dive into details of the Make Money EA Review!

People who work behind the Make Money EA

In this part of the Make Money EA Review, we will disclose the people who bring this robot into the market. So, this app was developed after a guy was able to get over 80 percent in earnings in just two months after beginning his Forex account. And he contacted both Udemy and the business Expert4x, who right now are the ones selling this EA.

The website is, so far, run by one of the most active traders in the industry. His name is Alex Du Plooy, and he sells courses, training, webinars, and EAs for all professions, so they can succeed as he did in this business. And the main headquarters of this company is in Ireland, and they have plenty of social channels available to contact them if you need to. But if not, you can fill in a questionnaire directly or send them an email. And they have you protected when it comes to customer care!

Make Money EA features

In this part of the Make Money EA Review, we will reveal the basic features of this EA. So here they are

  • Money management process.
  • Stop-loss.
  • Risk-management.
  • Between 4 hours and 15 minutes is the available timeline. And to work for you, you should choose the right ones.
  • The profitability rate, settings, trading consistency, timetable, and drawdowns can be adjusted as you wish.
  • Trend-following is the central strategy of this robot.
  • It doesn’t work with some form of dangerous tactics that could blow up your account.
  • How many trades they choose to make each day may be set up by the dealer.
  • It uses trailing-stop and break-even settings to get the most profits while selling.

Make Money EA Trading Strategy

In this section of the Make Money EA Review, we will disclose the trading strategies of this robot. The first thing to remember is that this robot uses a theme that follows as its main strategy. And you don’t have to worry about anything that, like dangerous tactics, could blow up your account. It has customizable features when it comes to all the different key settings and outcomes. But every day, you can choose how many trades you want to have, and so on. However, if there are unforeseeable conditions in the sector, then you have to consider whether or not to continue with those transactions.

This EA is sponsored by all the major currency pairs. And two ways of studying here are distinctive. This can either be fast or sluggish. So whatever you do, it should be the perfect fit for you. And in this EA, safety features including stop-loss, trailing-stop, and break-even are included. Together, it will protect all your profits and investments even though you lost a contract. Another thing to remember is that the hours and days of the week that you choose to share with the robot can be personalized. And you can always decide if you choose to trade in the reverse direction of the pattern.

Prices and Packages Available

In this section of the Make Money EA Review, we will reveal the prices/packages available for this EA. And so far, they’re selling only one pack, meaning you don’t have to pay for the extras. This kit comes with:

  • Both versions of the EA for the MT4 and MT5 architectures.
  • 2 licenses working on two different computers.
  • If you are still a member of the party, you get a 50 percent discount on this purchase.
  • You will buy all the latest EAs from the Expert4x firm with a special 82 percent discount.
  • Price: USD 275

And with PayPal or other foreign credit cards of your choosing, when it comes to payment options, you will pay easily. Often, Bitcoin is also funded.

Customer’s Feedback

Via internet study, we find that consumers are delighted with this robot and they claim they use this robot to make a profit in the long run.

Pros & Cons


  • FXBlue results are verified, where you can verify the performance of this robot.
  • You can locate some available online backtests.
  • All the key settings can be easily customized.
  • There is a retrospective analysis to see which ones are the best setups and functions to set.


  • A cash-back guarantee is not available.

Conclusion Make Money EA Review

So here we have the end of this Make Money EA review. After going through all the important features of this robot we can say that this robot is a good option as it comes with verified results and customizable settings with drawbacks such as no money back policy. So if you are planning to get your hand on it then don’t forget to try it in DEMO to see how things work for you!

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