Legacy EA Review

legacy ea review

Warmly welcome to Our Best Forex Robot Website. Legacy EA Review is a fascinating and novel topic that we have for you today. Legacy EA has piqued the interest of many traders, therefore we’ve come to expose you to it. Stay with us and read the rest of this post to learn everything there is to know about this robot.

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What is Legacy EA?

Legacy EA is a profit-generating automatic trading EA that employs numerous techniques. Kilian is the creator or developer of this EA, which he called LegacyofKilian after himself. The developer’s video explanations of the techniques, features and his path to this EA may be seen on the official website. He believes that the approach is suitable for use in sponsored programs like FTMO since it includes a fixed stop loss and a dynamic take profit. They emphasize keeping your account secure and earnings high, as opposed to other ea’s that might be stuck for a long time and have a big drawdown.

Let’s go right into the specifics of the Legacy EA Review!

Legacy EA Features

The most significant aspects of this robot will be highlighted in this section of Legacy EA Review, so here they are:

  • EA techniques that include SAR Indicator, Stop-loss, Scalping Technique, Lot Size, and Timeframe Confluence
  • Weekly Zoom calls
  • Mindset education
  • Help to pass FTMO
  • All updates included
  • Support and comments
  • FXBlue Track Record
  • FTMO Track Record
  • People trading the same strategy together

Legacy EA Trading Strategy

The functionality of this EA will undoubtedly be covered in this section of the Legacy EA Review. As a result, the creator claims that the approach is very simple to apply because it relies on stated concepts. There can be no mistake. By adopting certain mathematical methods, you may turn your losing trades into winners.

It employs two types of strategies, the first of which is basic and the second of which is advanced.

  • Clear stop-loss strategy with clear entry
  • Trailing stop-loss strategy
  • Dynamic take profit
  • SAR Indicator
  • Lotsize and scalping Techniques are some of the most basic strategies.

Timeframe Confluence is one of the advanced techniques.

Team Behind this EA

The Legacy EA Review would be incomplete without a discussion about the system’s creators. As a result, the official website of this EA is called LegacyofKilian, which is the developer’s name. Kilian, the developer or inventor of this EA, reveals his trading experience and adventure on his website.

He said that he learned to trade while working as a marketing manager at the company “IML.” After learning that trading isn’t as straightforward as it looks, he focused on perfecting the craft. His instructor was Luc Longmire, who taught him how to exchange gold. After he got consistently affluent, he began to travel and enjoy life. Then he starts working on software. Two years later, he started his asset management business, trading investors’ money. Drewizebanks and Shaunlee are two well-known forex traders he’s met.

This is how he began his employment with EA. On the official website, he also included backtesting findings and testimonials, but we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for this EA.


If we don’t include the pricing or bundles for this EA, the Legacy EA Review will be incomplete. So, right now, this EA comes with two offers:

Per Month

  • Signals
  • Weekly Zoom Calls
  • People trading the same technique
  • Support and feedback
  • Monthly repurchase required
  • Prize: €99

Per Year (Coming Soon)

  • Signals
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • People trading the same technique together
  • Support and feedback
  • Monthly Rebuy Required
  • No Monthly Rebuy Required
  • Prize: €599

Customer Feedback

Without mentioning consumer input on this EA, the Legacy EA Review will be incomplete. When deciding whether or not a product is valuable, customer feedback is an essential factor to consider. You should pay serious attention to what they have to say. Several testimonies can be found on the LegacyofKilian website. As one might assume, they’re all happy. Customers consider the robot to be helpful and the services offered to be excellent.

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on such consumer feedback. A firm will pay people to post positive reviews to advertise a product. This is a brand-new gadget that is still gaining traction. As a result, we are unable to draw any inferences from customer comments at this time.

Pros and Cons

In this section of the Legacy EA Review, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this EA.


  • Combine several strategies
  • Zoom Calls assistance
  • Video Guides
  • Support and feedback
  • FXBlue and FTMO Track Records
  • Backtesting


  • Customers want to know a lot of company information
  • The vendor organization is new and need to establish itself for approval
  • There is no money-back guarantee
  • Paying every month will be a bit pricey

Conclusion Legacy EA Review

Finally, we’ve concluded our Legacy EA review. After reviewing the features and functionality of this robot, we can conclude that it has several positive aspects, such as multiple trading strategies, zoom calls assistance, support and feedback, video guides, trading results, and testimonials, but it also has a few negative aspects, such as no money-back guarantee, limited information about the team, and lack of transparency about the firm, which makes this EA open to anyone.

We believe that, because this EA is new and has to establish itself in the market, we should allow it some time to demonstrate its performance and look.

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