GPS Forex Robot Review

Welcome to Our Forex Website. For today’s article, we are doing GPS Forex Robot Review. In this article we will discuss what is it, basic features, team behind, prices/packages, customer’s feedback, trading plans, and lastly our final verdict on this. So if you want to know that is this robot worth buying, then keep reading this article to an end.

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What is GPS Forex Robot 3 EA?

GPS Forex Robot 3 is one of the most recognized fully autonomous expert advisors in the Forex trading industry who are made to trade on their own. There are several very unique characteristics and configurations in this EA. But that makes it quickly stand out in such a very dynamic environment from the rest.

About 4 years ago, Mark Larsen and a group of traders created this EA that helped him create the most perfect Forex robot of all time. In the ever-changing market conditions, it comes with 6 separate currencies ready to start trading immediately. And from over 5 years ago, it comes with several backtests to ensure that they have established the correct approach that can maximize the benefit of all.

And the best aspect of this EA is the revised version of the old GPS Forex Robot EA. Compared to the original one that was released several years earlier, the developers have confirmed that this current one has a lot of new settings. But now this latest version comes with upgraded functionality, configurations, and techniques that can be personalized.

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People, who work behind GPS Forex Robot 3 EA?

In this section of GPS Forex Robot 3 EA Robot, we will discuss the people and team who bring this robot to market. Mark Larsen is the chief developer behind the GPS Forex Robot 3 EA. Larsen is a well-known reviewer for Forex. So he has many online videos and many websites, such as Forex EA Lab, Forex Tester, and Reviews of Forex Programs. And he also set up a free course for trading called Secrets. bz.

His journey with GPS Forex Robot EA started about 4 years ago, as Mark Larsen says on the website because he had already built a perfect and extremely profitable trading plan. So he agreed to collaborate on this project together with two other developers. And they eventually came up with the concept of a robot that has been backtesting for over 5 years. And of course, on the sales side, all these services are open to everyone.


GPS Forex Robot 3 EA Features

In this part of the GPS Forex Robot 3 EA Review, we will disclose all the main features of this robot. So here they are:

  • The timeframe of 15 minutes.
  • Four separate currency pairs operate EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, and USDCHF.
  • Provides market adaptability.
  • Entirely adjustable.
  • Configurations designed.
  • By uploading your e-mail, you can get Secret Investor access.
  • It comes with opposite-direction trading being added to offset losses.
  • It performs more than 4 times faster than other programs.
  • This enhanced version of the EA is much better and has a higher profitability ratio.

GPS Forex Robot 3 EA Trading Strategy

In this part of the GPS Forex Robot Review, we will discuss the trading strategies on which this robot works. This latest upgraded version of the EA has software faster than before, much faster than any up-to-date software in the industry. And it’s still twice as successful as it used to be, and much more stable. The seller claims that this robot is right for about 98 percent of the cases when selling, as we can see on the website. And when it’s not in the opposite direction of the previous one the EA easily opens up another trend. But that way, when working with it, you won’t ever waste money.

We have EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, and USDCHF concerning the endorsed currency pairs to exchange. And in a 15-minute timeframe, these 4 distinct pairs exchange. And on the official sales list, both of these currencies have back-tested data, just in case you would like to review them.

Another amazing thing is that on the website there are several findings shown. And they’re all checked by Myfxbook live. And lastly, the aspect we will highlight is the customization possible for traders. So in terms of openness, this robot is really special.

Prices/Packages Available

In this part of the GPS Forex Robot Review, we will discuss the prices/packages available for this robot. So, currently, there is only one offer on the official sales page.

  • Comes with a Onetime fee
  • 60-day cash back guarantee
  • Price: USD 149
  • A free guide is available of many Forex secrets written by the creators

You can select from a wide variety of online services to pay for this EA while buying it. So far you can pay for other digital currencies, aside from basic credit cards and PayPal. And at the moment, the one available is Bitcoin.

Customer’s Feedback

As with any legitimate trading robot, the feedback from GPS Forex Robot customers is positive. They have a lengthy list of favorable feedback left by consumers because they are such a proven business and have been producing good results for many years.

Pros & Cons


  • No grid or martingale plan exists.
  • Completely live-verified data from Myfxbook.
  • It has a backtesting duration of over 5 years.
  • To check the findings, there is an available investor account.
  • The robot has a straightforward plan for trading.
  • There is a lot of material on the official website available from the developers and the staff.
  • 60-day cash return guarantee.
  • Detailed secret guide for free.


  • No stop-loss policy.

Conclusions GPS Forex Robot Review

So here is the end of this GPS Forex Robot review. We have to say that this robot comes with all the incredible features, amazing settings, and positive testimonials with the only downside that it does not provide the stop-loss strategy. But, you always should take your time to study and analyze the EA, you can verify by yourself before investing in this. So If you want to get hands-on with this robot then don’t forget to give this a try in DEMO to see how things go for you!

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