Forex Flex EA Review

forex flex ea review

Welcome to Our Forex Website. In today’s article, we will be doing Forex Flex EA Review. In this review we will discuss what is it, its basic features, people behind this, prices/packages, trading strategies, customer feedback, good and bad points, and finally our final verdict on this robot. So if you planning to get this robot then keep reading this article.

Let’s began!

What´s the Forex Flex EA?

The Forex Flex is an automated Forex program that since it came out has been leading the industry. And that’s why we’re doing a complete review today of all the stuff you need to read about it before buying it. So far, you would be as shocked as we are, because the Forex Flex is still one of the best robots available on the Forex market right now even after 7 years.

The fact that it trades with very high accuracy and low risk is what makes this robot stand out from the rest. And it also has several Myfxbook checked accounts with separate accounts and distinct currencies. It uses a technology called virtual trade” to trade, which does all the hard work for you. So it analyses all the charts to identify and reach only the most lucrative trades and patterns to get you the market’s biggest income.

Forex Flex EA Features

In this part of the Forex Flex EA Review, we will disclose all the prominent features of this robot. So here they are:

  • This robot supports all of the available currency pairs on the market.
  • It operates only with the MT4 network, but with any broker of your choosing, you can run it.
  • Forex Flex operates when trading for over 12 different strategies. And it added 3 more to the new edition.
  • This robot is a fully autonomous software device.
  • All tasks, configurations, and modes of trading are adjustable.
  • When the economy is unpredictable, it prevents big reporting.
  • This robot works long-term and gets upgraded all the time with better and advanced techniques and configurations.

People who work behind the Forex Flex

In this section of Forex Flex EA Review, we will discuss the people and team who bring this robot to market. And the good news is as soon as you start reading the sales tab, there are details about the company. Skilled Forex traders, designers, and coders who have been in this industry for years are packed with the business that sells this robot.

Also, note that for over 7 years, this robot has been running high on the market, almost since it came out. And the official backtests on the website as well as countless profiles checked on Myfxbook are also available for this robot.

Forex Flex EA Trading Strategy

In this section of Forex Flex EA Review, we will discuss the trading plans on which this robot operates. So first of all, the best thing is that this robot embraces all the currency pairs on the market. So this means that if you are still trading with this one, you do not need another robot. This EA also incorporates more than 12 different advanced techniques and 3 other expanded and innovative setups.

It even has you protected when it comes to protection for your account too! To secure the finances and earnings when dealing, the Forex Flex has a money management feature just in case anything wrong arises. And as well as the trading mode and risk, you can customize the features and settings you need. Only make sure you have the right features for the best possible way to configure.

Prices & Packages Available

In this section of Forex Flex EA Review, we will disclose the prices/packages available for this robot. So the best thing we find relevant to this subject is that at the moment, the seller has a 67 percent discount. So if you are interested in buying this robot soon, then the perfect time to do so is right now!

Flex EA x1 MT4

  • 1 license for a real account for MT4
  • Unlimited demo accounts.
  • Complete access to member´s area only.
  • All settings, features, and trading modes.
  • Standard price: 999 USD
  • Discounted price: 330 USD

Flex EA x1 MT5

  • 1 license for a real account for MT5
  • Unlimited demo accounts.
  • Complete access to member´s area only.
  • All settings, features, and trading modes.
  • Standard price: 999 USD
  • Discounted price: 330 USD

Forex Flex x2 MT4+MT5

  • 2 licenses for MT4/MT5
  • Unlimited demo accounts.
  • All settings, features, and trading modes.
  • Correlated Hedge EA.
  • Standard price:  1.500 USD
  • Discounted price:  495 USD

So if you are buying this robot earlier, you need to know the available payment options to get it. And happily, there are several choices, because no matter where you are located, you can buy it. So far, PayPal, Skrill, money transfers, wire, or international credit cards may be used. Just make sure you pick the most convenient one for you.

Customer’s Feedback

The input from Forex Flex EA customers is positive, as with any legal trading robot. Since they are such an established enterprise and have been delivering consistent results for many years, they have a long list of positive reviews left by customers.

Pros & Cons


  • This robot has several Myfxbook live checked outcomes, with many of the supported currency pairs.
  • All pairs with the Forex Flex can be exchanged.
  • To validate its trading history, there are several backtests available on the official website.
  • Following the purchase, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The rates for both of the Forex Flex bundles may be expensive for certain traders.

Conclusions Forex Flex EA Review

So here is the end of this Forex Flex EA Review. After going through all the features and settings of this robot we can say that this robot comes with transparency about developers, verified results, and cashback policy with the only downside that this is expensive for few traders. So if you want to invest in this then don’t hesitate to give it try in DEMO to see how things go for you!

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