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Welcome to Our Forex Website. In today’s article, we are doing Forex Diamond EA Review. In this we will discuss what is it, its prominent features, Team behind this, prices/packages available, Customer remarks, good and bad sides and lastly pour final verdict on this robot So if you are planning to get a hand on this then keep reading this article to an end.

Let’s get started with this!

What is Forex Diamond EA?

Forex Diamond EA is an automatic trading software of Forex which operates in the trading sector. This robot has been designed for traders who want to make the most of their Forex accounts. So, with an incredible approach applied, the creators behind this EA have built a robot that outperforms the market.

So the reasoning behind this is that these developers find that their earnings skyrocket pretty rapidly after adopting a diversified approach. And this also enables you to exchange any currency in any trading market at any moment. And with their development, they are so assured that they also note that the investment you make to buy the robot will surely pay for itself later.

The Forex Diamond EA, in other words, deals with only 4 global currency pairs. And as we know, with the most seasoned traders, there may be a touch of a drawback. Since they’re specifically searching for robots that all at once make multiple currency pairs.

Let’s dive into details of the Forex Diamond EA Review.

Forex Diamond EA Features

In this part of the Forex Diamond EA Review, we will reveal the most prominent features of this robot. So here they are:

  • Compliant MetaTrader 5.
  • compliant with MetaTrader 4.
  • Dynamic logic of trade.
  • It has a safety benefit.
  • 24/7 customer service available.
  • Integrated recovery factor.
  • Calculated stop-loss and benefit rates.
  • In one EA, three exchange schemes.
  • High-frequency in exchange.
  • High velocity and safety system.

Check the Live Myfxbook Below(click on image)

People, who work behind Forex Diamond EA?

In this section of Forex Diamond EA Review, we will discuss the people and team who bring this robot to market. So we might find that the FX Automater team created this EA. And they are still responsible, to this day for many popular robots on the market. But besides, there are no other details online that we might search for. And on the official sales page or whatever, there is no detail about them. So hopefully this will soon be revised.

 Forex Diamond EA Trading Strategy

In this part Forex Diamond EA Review, we will discuss the trading plans and strategies on which this robot operates. Therefore, one of the strongest aspects of this robot is the fact that it functions at the same time with 3 individual techniques. In a limited time, this variety encourages them to make higher profits.

But what do they call these amazing strategies? These are a signal technique tracking the trend in the market. Also, the countertrend approach that after evaluating the market, maximizes the potential of transactions. And then we have the technique of scalping that quickly changes the settings to march across unpredictable markets.

In the same package, all of these incredible settings and features come together and will ensure that you are successful in this business. And how customizable it is is a great thing about the Forex Diamond EA. So you can change them to your liking if you don’t like the default settings. You can pick the one or the only one you want to introduce, even though you are not a fan of using 3 different trading techniques all at once. And for the EA, this will not be an issue because it adapts easily to the ever-changing conditions of the market.

In other words, with 4 major currency pairs, this EA trades, EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, and USDJPY. And, if you would like to confirm the results yourself, there are live verified results by Myfxbook on the official website. We also find it important to mention that there was a backtest of over 19 years for this robot.

Packages/Prices Available

In this part of the Forex Diamond EA Review, we will disclose the prices/packages available for this robot. So at the moment, the seller has a massive discount of 60% off your purchase. You will get included when you purchase this EA:

  • 1 account with real money.
  • Several demo reports.
  • 4 currency pairs on the market to trade with.
  • Supported versions of MT4+MT5.
  • 60-day cash back guarantees.
  • A quick strategy guide.
  • Free updates for a lifetime.
  • Standard price: 297 USD.
  • Discounted price: 237 USD.

So, bear in mind that this is a one-time investment. You’re not going to have to pay an annual fee or anything later on. And you also get lifetime access to the EA members-only area of the Forex Diamond.

Customer’s Feedback

For us to offer a quantitative review and analysis of an EA, customer feedback is a vital tool. As we have found that reviews on the official page could be manipulated, concocted, or paid for, we mostly consider feedback to be a third-party website.

By paying customers to come up with a decisive conclusion about this specific EA, we could not find enough reviews. The ones we ran into were negative.

Pros & Cons


  • Live verified performance by Myfxbook.
  • 60-day risk-free trial.
  • Algorithm for self-updating.
  • It has an integrated system of profit protection.
  • Over 19 back-testing years.
  • For both Mac OS and Windows OS, the Forex Diamond EA software is compatible.


  • It only trades in four currencies.
  • Lack of vendor information.
  • The purchase payment can only be made with a credit card and PayPal.

Conclusions Forex Diamond EA Review

So here is the end of this Forex Diamond EA review. After going through all the details of this robot such as features and strategies we can say that this robot has incredible trading results and have 19 years of backtesting but have few downsides that it only trades with four currencies and incomplete information about developers which is doubtful. So if you want to get this robot then don’t forget to give it a try in DEMO to see how things work for you!

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