Forex Cyborg Review

forex cyborg review

Welcome to Our Best Forex Robot website. Today we are doing Forex Cyborg Review. In this review, we will discuss what is it, important features, trading strategies, prices/packages available, pros/cons, customer’s remarks, and lastly our final verdict on this robot. So if you are planning to get this robot then keep reading this article to an end.

So get started!

What is Forex Cyborg?

Forex Cyborg is an autonomous Forex trading robot developed specifically for experienced traders on the market. The creators behind this amazing project claim that EA is one of the most creative on the market because it combines neural networks and deep learning. It is also very effective at putting, handling, and closing trading at the end of the day with high earnings.


So far, you can trade with all the currencies listed above using the robot’s default trading settings. Although, if you wish, you can still adjust the size of the batch or risk per transaction to suit your strategic plans and budget. After you download it, you are free to configure it on your own to make the most of it.

Let’s dive into the details of the Forex Cyborg Review!

Forex Cyborg Features

In this section of Forex Cyborg Review, we will highlight the important features of this EA. So here they are:

  • Fully automatic.
  • Timeframe: M15.
  • Metatrader 4.  
  • Measuring the tick.
  • Total assistance 24/7.
  • The real spreads.
  • Neural networking
  • Creative and dynamic.
  • The real slippage.
  • Configurations that can be customized.
  • The exchange commission.
  • Free configuration via VPS or Team Viewer.

People who work behind Forex Cyborg

In this section of Forex Cyborg Review, we will discuss the people who bring this robot to market. There is no detail about them on the official website, nor about any of the developers or creators behind it.

Often, there is no detail about the company’s location, not even an email address just in case anything goes wrong or for customer service. So, if you want them to email you, you must fill out a form with your questions by the end of the page.

Forex Cyborg Trading Strategy

In this section of Forex Cyborg Review, we will discuss the trading strategies on which this robot wok on. The downside we noticed about Forex Cyborg EA is that there is not comprehensive knowledge about the trading technique used by this program. Some may argue that this is not obvious because there is no specific information on the official sales page of the EA.

Luckily, Forex Cyborg has real live checked reports from third-party websites such as Myfxbook, which are very good news. Updated trading reports can be seen on their portfolio, so you can review the success of the robot and the trading results up to date.

This robot has a money management feature, so if a trade goes bad, you won’t lose all your earnings. Also, the robot has 2 different settings that you can select between Standard and Conservative depending on your risk management approach. Depending on the currency pair you choose to deal in, the robot has unique operating hours. This is from 17:00 to 23:30 GMT.

Finally, it is very useful for many traders that there is no minimum size of trading account or deposit necessary for the EA to start running. Since your money is going to be at stake when dealing, it’s up to you to determine the sum of money you want your robot to work with.

Packages/ Prices

In this part of the Forex Cyborg EA Review, we will discuss the prices/packages available for this robot.  There are two packages right now.


  • Price: 499.99 EUR
  • Eighteen currency pairs.
  • Unlimited trial licenses.
  • One real license.
  • Lifetime Customer support
  • Lifetime Software updates


  • Price: 599.99 EUR
  • Eighteen currency pairs.
  • Unlimited trial licenses.
  • Three real licenses.
  • Lifetime Customer support
  • Lifetime Software updates

If you buy either of the two packages mentioned above, you will be given directions, apart from the trading robot, to set up everything before you get started and 30-day money-back guarantees if you are not pleased with the overall efficiency and trading results of the EA.

Customer’s Feedback

All of them were identified at the very end of the official website. They were all positive, as usual. Although, on certain third-party platforms, you can see that the ratings that come from clients are not very good. Some also said that the EA is not functioning as seen on the official site. 

Pros & Cons


  • 30-day money return guarantee.
  • Operates up to 20 different currencies.
  • M15 Timeframe
  • Money control to secure income.
  • No minimum exchange deposit.


  • It’s designed for professionals.
  • The trading technique is not simple.
  • Both of these bundles are costly.
  • Hard to locate the recommendations of actual customers.
  • No transparency of the developers

Conclusions Forex Cyborg Review

So here is the end of this Forex Cyborg review. Overall, we agree that investing your money in this EA can be very helpful if you are a specialist in Forex trading. There are so many great things about this robot that like the 20 different currency pairs you can trade with no minimum deposits with a downside such as expensive packages, no information about developers. No transparency about trading plans which can be doubtful. So if you want to get your hands on it then don’t forget to give it a try in DEMO to see how it works for you!

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