Forex Astrobot Review

forex astrobot review

In EA Best Forex Robot our team has a new post, and it´s a full Forex AstroBot review! After seeing the increment of people asking for this EA online, we decided to bring you all the details about it this time. So, as we usually do here, you can expect to find information going from the performance, strategies, and advantages. Also, we emphasize the people who work behind it, packages, offers, and the most relevant features and such. So this way you have a clear idea of what you get once you start trading with this robot.

Make sure to stick out until the very end of this review to find out whether or not this robot is as good as people say. And we will also let you know our thoughts about it as well. But if somehow you don´t want to try this robot, you can always take a look around this blog. We have many articles and reviews about some of the latest robots in the market. So you are more than likely to find one that fits you perfectly.

What´s the Forex AstroBot?

As soon as we enter the Forex AstroBot website, we can see that the developers imply it is a highly exclusive algorithm. This software is said to be able to gain over 100% of your first investment in just one month. And, as it is a fully automated system, it needs almost zero help from you as well. According to the developers and the creator of this software, the Forex AstroBot uses highly advanced algorithms to perform. This is how it can manage to get such high profits, small losses, and very accurate trends. And it also works using market adaptability to all vulnerable conditions.

As this software is fully automated it requires almost no help from you. But, the developers say that you will see better results if you stop by and check how your EA is performing. Also, this software trades on all the major currency pairs available on the MT4 platform. And it supports many timeframes, so you can easily customize these settings yourself.

Let´s keep going with this Forex AstroBot review!

Forex Astrobot in Live Action Video:

People who work behind the Forex AstroBot

For us, being fully transparent is one of the most important topics in this business. And that´s why in this part of the Forex AstroBot review, we are disclosing who works behind this software. The main creator of this EA is a businesswoman called Rita Lasker. She is the owner of a big company that specializes in Forex robots called Green Forex Group. So far, they have developed many expert advisors during the last couple of years and all of them have been highly successful as well. If you search her name or company online you will see all the different services they offer to traders. They are very transparent when it comes to the information displayed and they even offer contact emails, skype, and their location.

Forex AstroBot Features and Settings

  • Fully automated software.
  • Protection against big risks while trading.
  • It has market adaptability in all situations.
  • Built-in money management.
  • Highly profitable algorithm.
  • You can operate using multicurrency.
  • This system is fully customizable.
  • It uses scalping as one of the main strategies.
  • This software can be used for both new traders and experts.
  • It operates using slippage.

Forex AstroBot Trading Strategy and Performance

For this part of the Forex AstroBot review, we analyzed its performance for a while, and the results were surprising. We mentioned already some of the most relevant settings and features, but now we will see how they work. First of all, this software comes with many features to protect your account and investments from big losses and brokers. Also, all the major settings can be customized to your liking as well. And you can check out this EAs performance on the official site, there are many screenshots about the charts.

The main strategy used to generate such big profits is called scalping and it can double your investments in a short time. But don´t worry about it, this software uses a highly innovative algorithm that will protect your account from blowing up. Also, it supports many currency pairs, those are AUDJPY, EURJPY, CADJPY, and NZDJPY. Remember that you can combine them as you please. And the different timeframes go from 1 hour to over 4 hours! So just choose the one that adapts best to your plan.

Let´s talk about the features integrated into this robot. Some of the relevant ones are the use of slippage, trailing-stop, and money-management. And these three combined protect your account from drawdowns, losses, and the ever-changing market conditions.

There are more settings as well, but these come with the premium version of the EA. These are profit multiplication mode, maximum success rate, and remote support from the developers.

Prices & Packages Available

If you are thinking about purchasing this robot already, then let´s disclose all the offers available in this Forex AstroBot review! At the moment the seller has an amazing deal, you can get this robot for a huge discount. So make sure you purchase it before it´s too late because you don´t want to miss this amazing opportunity. And, when it comes to the packages, there are only two available.

So when you purchase the Forex AstroBot you get:

Standard Package:

  • The full Forex AstroBot software.
  • Built-in stop-loss, take-profit, trailing-stop, and money-management security for your account.
  • Customer support and remote assistance available.
  • User manual with instructions and tips.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Normal Price: USD 328
  • Discount Price: USD 99

Premium Package:

  • Lifetime license.
  • Profit multiplication.
  • High success rate.
  • Losing trades filter.
  • 24/7 remote assistance from the developers.
  • Normal Price: USD 757
  • Discount Price: USD 228

When you purchase this robot your payment is secured with the platform ClickBetter. And this site supports all the different payment methods available. So you can pay using any international credit card or Paypal.

Pros & 


  • Positive feedback from customers.
  • Verified results from third-party websites.
  • It supports all the major currency pairs.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Summary Forex AstroBot Review

We already went through all the details you need before you start working with this amazing software. So, let us know already what do you think about it? For us, it seems like an amazing opportunity for traders of all levels who are looking for new systems to try. And after seeing all the different guarantees and amazing performance you have to try it at least!

So make sure to share your opinion with us and share this Forex AstroBot review with any traders that you know!

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